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Over the past few years, ponds have become one of the most popular additions to any yard.  Water gardening adds a new dimension to your landscaping, by incorporating new colours, shapes and textures. Water-plants offer a new, unique form of gardening for the for either experienced or inexperienced plant enthusiasts.  Ponds offer hours of relaxation and enjoyment, alone or with family, as well as add an individual touch, unique to you.

Let us create the pond of your dreams. Imagination is your only limit.




Waterfalls are a beautiful addition to any pond.  Nothing in nature is more soothing than the gentle lull of babbling brook, or more exhilarating than the rush of cascading falls.  Whatever your preference, your water feature is as individual as you.




For the tranquility of moving water, without the maintenance of a pond, pondless waterfalls are a perfect solution.  Free from bylaw restrictions, a pondless waterfall is a beautiful addition to your front yard, or space restricted areas.


For more information about ponds and water features, as well as pond kit specifications, please visit 4www.aquascapedesigns.com