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Undisclosed Location - Sherwood Park, Alberta

This country paradise boasts a 16 x 20 header pool fed by two large Biofalls units spilling into a stream bed that meanders 112 ft. into the main pond which spans 84 ft. in length by 40 ft. wide and averages 4 ft. in depth.  This 120,000 gallon water garden is also fed by a Grande Biofalls featuring a twin stream stretching a combined length of 82 ft.  At the east end a third, slow moving stream trickles 65ft. into the pond.

There are five Aquascape pumps circulating approximately 30,000 gallons of water per hour through this natural ecosystem.

Some other unique features found in this water garden are a 4ft. diameter swim through fish cave and a 7 ft. high 10,300 lb piece of green slate that houses its own water fountain.  For those who worship the sun there is a lovely golden beach to relax and fully experience the tranquility that nature offers.